Hunter Douglas Luminette Modern Draperies and Vignette Traversed with Vertiglide

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers were created to completely manage the light in your home. They enhance natural light and views while providing privacy, with soft face fabrics bonded to vertical fabric vanes. The vanes open and close like a vertical blind, but have the look of a drapery. 

Although this innovative blend of window fashions has been on the market for several years now, Hunter Douglas continues to expand and improve on this product. Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers has introduced a new innovation: Modern Draperies.

Like long, softened pleats, the contoured  columns of fabric in the Luminette Modern Draperies create a tasteful, tailored backdrop for any room. Perfect for large windows or sliding glass doors, their superior UV protection and high R-value meet both your decorating and practical needs.

The fabric used for Modern Draperies is woven fabric instead of knit sheers. In a full panel configuration, the Modern Draperies are traverse only. The vanes do not rotate.

A dual panel configuration combines a sheer panel with the woven fabric. The sheer portion traverses and the vanes rotate. The woven fabric portion of the panel does not traverse or rotate. We think you’ll find Luminette Modern Draperies to be a big improvement over traditional custom draperies.

                                                                                                                                                  Another new Hunter Douglas product in 2011 is the Vignette Traversed with Vertiglide that combines the beauty of Vignette Traditional shades with the convenience of a vertical window covering.  It is an ideal solution for large windows and patio doors.  Vignette Traversed with Vertiglide takes the simple elegance of Vignette roman shades and turns them into panels that effortlessly glide across your windows or doors.


Split stack shades can go up to an impressive 32 feet and the stack back is remarkably tight! The center draw has a unique magnetic strip and privacy guard built into the vertical rail, which provide a tight closure eliminating light leaks.

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The World’s only insulating blind – Comfortex Odysee

See the beauty. Feel the comfort. Love the Colors. Experience it all with the world’s only insulating blind.

Odysee Insulating Blinds offer the convenient operation of a blind with the soft fabric look and feel of  shade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Odysee Insulating Blinds combine the energy efficient performance of cellular shades, with the variable light control of traditional wood blinds. Open or close the blind. Expand or compress the vanes. Adjust the vanes to any point in between, according to the changing light or your changing moods. Odysee leaves the look entirely up to you!

Click here to see Odysee Blind video! 

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Sports and Teams Roller Window Shades


Until recently, sports team merchandise and decor was limited to things that you might ‘add on’ to a room, too often things that don’t really have a purpose. Roller shades with your team logo aren’t just sports room decor, they are part of the room itself, allowing you to bring more team spirit without adding ‘stuff’ to your space.


Team logo shades are highly functional, just like traditional roller shades, except much more fun to look at! Easy to operate with one hand and safe for kids and pets (no strings), this is sports merchandise you can use. We know that most game rooms serve double duty as family rooms or general gathering space, and we offer both light-filtering or fully opaque (blackout) options so you can make the room as dark or light as you like.

Well now die hard fans are offered one more ways in which they can prove their loyalty and show their support: officially licensed, custom printed Major League Baseball  , and the newest Collegiate Collection roller shades, featuring the official logos of leading Colleges and Universties! We all know the loyalty of a college fan runs very deep. Now you can proudly support your colors with your school’s official shades.


Roller Shade samples for UConn fans!



                                                                                                                                                                              We love the enthusiasm these shades generate. What a perfect gift to delight a little boy or that man who’s still a little boy at heart.


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New Designs for Presona shades


PERSONA custom printed window shades make you the designer!  Choose from 6 base fabrics. Opacity levels range from screens to light filtering to full blackout. Our solid color palette spans nearly 900 colors. You may also choose from textures and patterns, all of which you custom color. For the ultimate in design, create your own design or print a photo on your shade through our PERSONA Custom Graphics program. You can have any image that could be digitized, on your shade  ranging from the Yankees emblem to a garden scene or your business logo.

PERSONA Roman and Roller shades are available up to 112″ wide and in standard cord pull, continuous cord loop, Top Down -Bottom Up and Cordless.

Persona Roller and Roman custom shade lines are continuously updated with new styles and patterns for you to choose from. Check out the newest designs from:

Susan  Sargent




 Anna Cote 

   or many other pattern collections






Persona shades feature elegant fabrics including environmentally friendly screen fabrics that are PVC free. Each fabric has its own level of opacity, from sheer to blackout. Choose the fabric You like, design and the color, and create your PERSONA shade online  or give us a call for further assistance!

For covering large windows or patio doors The Comfortex Panel Track sliding fabric system is a perfect solution with fashion and function in mind.


TheComfortex Panel Track System is available with all PERSONA Roller and Roman Shade patterns and Envision Roller Shade fabrics. Achieve a coordinated look with a panel track system along with roller or roman shades throughout a room with windows of all sizes! Panel Track Shades can function as room dividers too!

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Superior Energy Efficiency – Architella Collection from Hunter Douglas

Windows are the greatest source of wasted energy in your home. That’s because heat always moves from warm to cold areas. In winter, warm air from inside your home is trying to escape through your windows. In summer, the sun beating down conducts heat quite easily through your windows, heating up your home and straining air conditioners. In the end, you pay for this extra use of energy to heat and cool your home.

Most blinds, if built to the correct size and are installed properly, provide a layer of still air between the blind and the window pane. This layer of air provides a small amount of insulation to the room. A little air does flow through this area, but more slowly than that of an uncovered window, so there is reduced heat loss. The closer the window insulating blind edges are to the window edges, the less air flows and the less heat passes between the window and the room. (This also helps give you more heat efficient blinds both in summer, when there is more heat, and winter when it’s cooler and there is less heat.)

Duette Architella honeycomb shades feature a patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction. This provides two more air pockets than traditional honeycomb shades and dramatically increases R-values, which measure a product’s ability to keep heat in and cold out. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation provided. Duette Architella 

Honeycomb within a honeycomb construction enhances the form and function of nature’s most perfect shape – colors are truer, pleats are crisper and energy efficiency is increased. 


  The patented honeycomb design also helps to protect home furnishings. Duette honeycomb shades are ideal in any climate, even those with abundant humidity, heat and sunshine. While many shades wilt and wither from ultraviolet sunrays and humidity, Duette shades are designed and tested to withstand whatever Mother Nature serves up.

Duette Architella honeycomb shades block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, depending on your fabric selection and boast a very high R-value of 7.73 in winter.

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Can not find that perfect window treatment? Create it!

You have a style all your own and now there is a refreshing new way to express it. PERSONA offers  everything you need for designing your Roller or Roman Shades: colors, patterns and textures allowing you to create window shades that are uniquely your own. Designing your own shade is simple. Either recolor one of the patterns using the full color palette or submit your own photo, graphic or design so it could be custom printed for you.

Persona Shades are still fairly new, but they’re quickly rising in popularity.


 YOUR CUSTOM PHOTO OR LOGO HERE                         

Add a personal touch to the roller shades and decorate your home with your photos – family, landscapes, whatever you can imagine! Or put PERSONA custom graphics to work for your business. Possibilities are endless.

So stop wishing you could find that perfect window treatment and start actually creating it.

Visualize your design online.

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Hey Connecticut – Red Sox or Yankees?

When you live in Connecticut you realize that pretty much everyone here is a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan. But even if you’re a fan of another team, we’ve got shades for you. Just in time for playoffs in October, you can get your favorite team’s logo on shades for your game room or bar! The Persona shades are completely customizable; you can choose the team logo, mascot, have pinstripes on your Yankee shades or miniature Wally’s on your Red Sox shades!

If you’re not a baseball fan, we can customize the Persona shades with any graphic you want; we can even upload pictures. Come chat with us about creating personalized shades for your home or office.

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